Jordan Peterson

The Peterson Project

Whilst reading Dr. Jordan Peterson’s 12 RULES FOR LIFE: AN ANTIDOTE TO CHAOS I found that each chapter touched upon many great and wonderful concepts, views, theories, and more.

To help me explore Dr. Petersons ideas, I began indexing as much as I could looking to expand my own knowledge

As such, this website aims to help others navigate the intellectual world, first introduced by to myself by Dr. Peterson.

However there is a very important maxim to this website.

You must first consume the source material and build your own understanding.  

Whilst we will strive to present a truthful and impartial analysis of the ideas contained within. The aim is not to primarily educate but provide a platform for discussion about the ideas. We will not get everything right, we will not understand things correctly, this is about the journey we are taking together

So this is all about Peterson?

Absolutely not, my hope is this becomes a platform to open debate and discussion on a wide range of topics and ideas.
It’s important to have a wide range of material, a difference of opinions and views when building your own personal axioms.

Dr. Peterson was my entrance into a developing a wider world and individual viewpoint, and that I find his ability to encourage discourse is unrivaled.

Through Dr. Peterson, I have been introduced to people I would never otherwise have been aware of; Slavoj Žižek for example.